Effective formula to keep communal parties at bay in Bihar

Hyderabad: Bihar elections are around the corner. Role of Muslim voters is very important in this election. There are no two opinions on the fact that communal parties win the elections in several constituencies due to split in Muslim votes in Muslim dominated areas. Hence, the need of the hour is not to let Muslim votes divide and to ensure that candidate of the communal party do not win the election.

Mohammed Shafeequz Zaman, IAS (retd.)
Major (retd.) Syed Ghouse Mohiuddin Quadri

To ensure this, Mohammed Shafeequz Zaman, IAS (retd.) and Major (retd.) Syed Ghouse Mohiuddin Quadri have come up with an effective formula to keep communal parties at bay.

They said, “We need to understand that no party is secular. All the so-called secular parties have supported BJP at one or other time and cheated Muslims. Such parties will cheat Muslims in future as well.”

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It his connection the role of MIM party has also been suspicious. What would the party do for Muslims of Bihar, which did not do any anything for Muslims of Hyderabad? This is the party which never fielded its candidate in Telangana state outside its domain that is old city of Hyderabad. This clearly indicates their motive that is nothing but to field their candidate in Muslim majority areas and split Muslim votes so as to benefit BJP and its allied parties. It would be prudent not to become sentimental and support MIM. It is advisable to vote for MIM candidate only when you are sure of his victory. They suggested.

We should keep these points in mind:

# Vote not on the basis of party but on the basis of individual candidate.

# Do not vote for the candidate of any communal party or its allies.

# If there is no secular candidate in your constituency, choose less communal candidate from front runners.

# Do not vote for such Muslim candidate who is not on number one or two after communal party or its ally.

Mr Shafeequz Zaman and Major Quadri have appealed Muslim voters of Bihar to conduct a meeting with active Muslims and Muslim political leaders. And after unanimous decision decide from among two front runners and do a mock voting for them. All Muslims must vote for the candidate who gets the majority of votes after mock voting. Such meetings must be held in all assembly constituencies

Where it is not possible to hold meeting, the same formula must be forwarded to all Muslim voters through all means of communication including phone, WhatsApp etc.

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