Eggs, chicken help fight COVID-19, says Dr Vinay Kumar

Nihad Amani

Hyderabad: With coronavirus outbreak already creating immense panic in the city, unfounded forwards from WhatsApp University have been only supplementing the frenzy. Earlier this month via WhatsApp, rumours that chicken and eggs may cause coronavirus had its culinary and economic effects. Dr. Vinay Kumar, a gastroenterologist at Apollo Hospitals, has debunked such myths through his video.

Not only did this rumour cause a downfall in the prices of chicken but it also kept people away from consuming it. With prices being reduced from Rs. 180 per kg to Rs. 20, sales declined.

Dr. Kumar made a video explaining how the two items are actually helpful rather than detrimental. He stated that neither the eggs nor the chicken leads to coronavirus; it is just a myth, not a rumour.

He clarifies, “In fact, both only shield your body from the deadly virus as they boost your immune system,” he adds.

This because the protein and calcium nutrients are known to strengthen immunity. He also went on to reiterate that those with less immunity — namely children and the elderly — are more prone to the virus.

“I recommend that individuals et at least three eggs per day. If anyone does not consume the yolk because they are particular about their weight, they should at least have one egg with the yolk and the other two without it,” said the Doctor.

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