Eluru residents prescribed helmets to counter collapsing injuries

By Sharon Thambala
Eluru (Andhra Pradesh), Dec 11 : Amid cases of people suddenly collapsing in Andhra Pradesh’s West Godavari district headquarters Eluru on being struck with the mysterious illness, doctors advised the townspeople on the go to wear helmets for safety.

“We advised all the people travelling outside to wear a helmet. Because even when riding a bicycle or a two-wheeler they are suddenly falling,” West Godavari District hospital superintendent Mohan told IANS.

He said there is a high risk of sustaining injuries and the helmets’ prescription applies to everybody in Eluru.

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“Cases of people falling off from vehicles were reported. They were in countable numbers, some autorickshaw drivers fell down while driving and starting their vehicles. Motorcyclists have fallen. People fell down while working,” highlighted the senior doctor.

Mohan also observed that some people suffered convulsions while just sleeping.

Corroborating the caution advised by doctors, a 26-year-old mother of two, who suffered the mysterious illness vouched with the doctor’s advice.

Sri Sai Hima Bindhu, a resident of JP Colony, one of the hardest hit with the illness, suffered three bruises on her face when she suddenly collapsed in Rampachodawaram near Rajamundry while talking with her friends as she was enjoying a cascade, away from home in Eluru.

“What will happen to me if I get fits while pillion riding my husband’s two-wheeler. My husband took me to the hospital, and there was nobody else. Suddenly if something happens and I get fits and fall down, what would happen?” she queried.

Commenting on the preventive measures advised for people in general in the wake of the scourge experts were struggling to decipher, doctors told people to be careful while consuming vegetables.

“We told them to clean vegetables properly with salt water,” he said.

People have also been advised to be careful with drinking water. They have been recommended to change drinking water regularly.

“If you are drinking one kind of water, change it to another. Do not drink tap water,” said the senior government doctor.

Meanwhile, Mohan said most mysterious illness patients were also tested for Coronavirus and all turned negative till Thursday evening, though some had a history of the pandemic.

Symptoms of the mysterious illness include three to five minutes of epileptic fits without repetition, forgetfulness, anxiety, vomiting, headache and back pain.

Agreeing that the Coronavirus and the mysterious illness have come as a double whammy, Mohan said the medical personnel were mentally and physically prepared to face the challenge thrown at them.

“There was pressure but we are supposed to deliver. So we were prepared mentally and physically. Yes, whenever needed. Normal days everyone will work. Medical and health people are always ready when there is a crisis,” he added.

Eluru, which is 58 km north-east of Vijayawada and the headquarters of West Godavari district, is a coastal paddy cultivation and aquaculture hub near the Bay of Bengal on the east coast of India.

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