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Emirati arrested for locking Indian football supporters in bird cage, calls it a ‘joke’

Emirati arrested for locking Indian football supporters in bird cage, calls it a ‘joke’

Abu Dhabi: A man was arrested here on Saturday after a video showing him locking Indian football supporters in a birdcage went viral.

Khaleej Times quoted a statement released by the United Arab Emirates Attorney General’s office regarding the offensive video stating, “The video allegedly shows a man who locked up several men of Asian nationality in a bird cage. They were supposed to cheer for the UAE national team in their match against India in the AFC Asian Cup.”

The statement further divulged that legal action was taken against the man with reports submitted to the prosecutor’s office.

“A warrant was issued for the man who made the video, and he was arrested and brought in for questioning. Not only is the act a criminal offence punishable by law in the UAE, it does not reflect the values of tolerance and respect,” the statement read.

The man, however, explained that the video was essentially a joke.

“These men are my workers, one of whom I’ve known for 22 years. I live with my men on this farm, we eat from the same plate. I did not beat them, nor did I truly ‘lock’ them up,” the Emirati man stated.

Urging people to understand his intentions, the man said, “This is the Year of Tolerance.”
Sharjah Police also responded to the video stating that people involved in spreading such violence and exhibiting such excessive prejudices have been apprehended.

“Spreading such videos contradicts our laws in the UAE. These individuals have been referred to the public prosecution for further investigation. Such actions do not represent neither the traditions nor the values upon which we were raised in the UAE, even if it was meant as a joke,” Sharjah Police reiterated.

“Sharjah Police urge all members of society to familiarise themselves with the law when it comes to social media use, so they are not penalised in future,” the police wrote.

The video that went viral on YouTube showed several workers inside the bird cage and the Emirati man outside while asking them who do they support. When the caged men stated that they supported India, the accused man told them that it is not good and they should support UAE since the country provides for them.

He then repeated his question while knocking on the fence of the cage until the men reiterated their support to UAE.

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