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Fact check: Did Donald Trump endorse PM Modi?

Fact check: Did Donald Trump endorse PM Modi?
Pic courtesy: BOOM

A picture showing US President Donald Trump allegedly endorsing Narendra Modi has been used to make peddle fake news. However, it has been found to be fake.

According to BOOM the picture is actually of him holding up a signed pledge in 2015. In the pledge he had promised not to run for President as a third-party candidate if he did not win the Republican Party nomination to contest the presidential elections. He further pledged to endorse the candidate who wins the Republican nomination.

Pic courtesy: BOOM
Earlier in February this year, the image has been used by Nigerian social media to create fake images around him endorsing a candidate – Atiku Abubaker – in their presidential elections.

The original picture of Donald Trump displaying a signed copy of the pledge has been morphed to show him endorsing Atiku and Modi.

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