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Father strangles, drowns, 21-day-old daughter to death

Father strangles, drowns, 21-day-old daughter to death

A merciless father strangled his just 21-day-old, daughter to death in New Delhi’s Dwarka area. The family hadn’t even picked a name for her; they had nicknamed her ‘laali’. The hard-hearted father strangled her before drowning her in a water tank.

On the complaint lodged by infant’s mother, Kiran (23), police arrested 26-year-old, Mukesh. He confessed to the crime saying that he did so in a fit of rage, following a fight with his wife.

Indian Express reported that mother in the complaint stated, “After the baby was born on August 16, I was planning to visit my mother’s house but Mukesh wasn’t happy about the decision. On Friday, he took the baby and went to the terrace. I waited for them but when they didn’t come back after an hour, I went upstairs. Mukesh had locked the door that lead to the terrace. I knocked multiple times but nobody answered. Babita, my niece, also came upstairs… Mukesh finally opened the door and I saw my child lying on the cot. I realised she wasn’t crying or moving… When we asked Mukesh what happened, he said he was angry and had strangled her… he also drowned her in the water tank”.

Post-mortem report also concluded that the child was first strangled and then drowned.

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