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Forensic audit of Heera Group accounts on

Forensic audit of Heera Group accounts on

Hyderabad: Investigators probing the Ponzi scam allegedly committed by Heera Group founder Nowhera Shaik are carrying out forensic audit of accounts maintained by her for the last 12 years.

Prime accused Nowhera Shaik had allegedly was maintaining over 200 accounts at various banks across the country said the sources.

A detailed report is said to be drafted by the investigating officials at the Central Crime Station (CCS) Hyderabad, with assistance of senior auditors.

So far, the CCS officers have booked eight cases against Nowhera Shaik and charge-sheets have been filed in four so far.

Shaik, along with her key aides Biju Thomas and Molly Thomas, is at present lodged in Chanchalguda prison.

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