From Teriyaki Chicken to Scones, 5 dishes you can make with ‘winter superfood’ Honey

Honey is a delightful elixir not just because of its rich and sweet flavor, but also for the various nutritional values it contains which makes it a healthy item to consume, especially during winter. While savoring a couple of spoonfuls of raw honey is a great way to keep warm during this chilly season, this thick and warm sweetener can be used in a number of recipes that you can enjoy while the temperatures dip outside. Let’s take a look at 5 such dishes which can be made with this ‘winter superfood’.

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This East Asian-inspired dish glazed with soy sauce and honey has a complex flavour profile having notes of sweetness, sourness and a little kick of spice. It is a great dish for an appetizer at parties and wedding occasions and is often enjoyed with rice. 


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Cornbreads made with honey have a fluffier and cakier texture with a noticeable difference in flavour from regular sugar-based versions of this dessert. Honey cornbread muffins are a great snack to munch with tea on chilled winter evenings.

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Fried bite-sized cauliflower bites tossed in a sauce made with garlic and chillies make for an extremely delicious accompaniment to tea or coffee and are even good for school lunches. Glazing them with a little honey at the end balances out the spiciness to make for a snack that’s pleasant to eat any time of day.


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This warm and light tea is great for the colder months of the year, especially when one catches a cold or cough. Taking a few sips of this tea would bring instant relief to your nose and throat, while also being a refreshing beverage in its own right.


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These fluffy and creamy desserts have an interesting mix of flavours, ranging from the sweetness of honey to the tartness of lemon zest and a herbal kick from thyme. They are best served warm, making for a great sweet dish after a fulfilling dinner.

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