FSSAI urges food establishments to ensure transparency

Hyderabad: CEO of Food security and standards authority of India (FSSAI) Arun Singhal held a review meeting with the Department of Food safety and Enforcement officials of the state. He instructed officials to be thorough with sampling food and inspecting the quality of it.

In the interest of public health, Arun Singhal asked the food safety officers (FSO) to regularly collect samples from high risk food items such as dairy products, meat, and perishable products. If they find any discrepancies in the product, they are authorized to initiate prosecution immediately.

He said, “increase frequency of collecting samples from various food establishments, and improve the quality of work apart from quantity of samples.”

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The FSO should ensure there is transparency between the food establishments and consumer. He said that the FSO should encourage establishments to display ratings or comments based on the feedback from the consumers. It would help people make informed choices about the type of food they are consuming.

Arun Singhal stressed on conduction of regular inspections of food at railway stations, government establishments, public and private offices, canteens at educational institutions. He also stressed on the importance of hygienic food hubs, and vegetable hubs.

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