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Gargi Molestation: One more arrested in ‘Reverie’ incident

Gargi Molestation: One more arrested in ‘Reverie’ incident

New Delhi: A 19-year-old man was arrested in connection with the molestation incident of Gargi college fest taking the total number of arrests to 16.

Gargi College fest ‘Reverie’ last week became a molestation ground after hundreds of drunk men gatecrashed the event, traumatizing women students of the college.

Hundreds of men broke into the college on February 6 where they allegedly wanked at the students, groped and molested girl students while security and Delhi Police personnel stood by like mute spectators.

The students also said they were threatened by the intruders who made objectionable remarks used cuss words.

The disgusting incident came to light after some of the students took to Instagram to narrate their ordeal.

The intruders allegedly jumped over the barricades placed by the college security staff, outnumbered them and then misbehaved with the women students said the police.

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