Generation and upbringing

By Syed Nayeemulla Hussaini

New Delhi: When we were infants, I am sure all of our parents and grandparents brought up us with utmost caring and they have given cent percent of their activities on us, those time hardly they were a television and a radio for their entertainments to pass their leisure time, they use to feed us on time and with utmost nutrients and natural type of food.

Guidance, supervision of elders

And often we live under the guidance and supervision of our elders such as parents, uncles, aunts and their friends etc., such supervision and guidance made us more gentle and responsible. We were taught the importance of humanity and how to treat human beings kindly and respect all religions. The latest technologies and mobiles we’ve seen too late in our lives, at least not in childhood as the present generation.

The reason I saying all this is that when we have this kind of care and having multiple guidance, even though today we behave like robots, we do not react to the bad things that are happening around us and nor are we indulging ourselves in good deeds that are taking place around us in our society, so What can we expect from our next generation in the days to come when they are growing up in an age of technology where parents are busy with their mobiles and there is no proper guidance from the elders, children look at mobile phones  and getting knowledge through other means like google and youtube.

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being a parents, we have to be very particular towards our kids with utmost observations and should inject a valuable importance of life and reason of living on this earth, we have to show them the responsibilities towards family , society , nation and for human kind.

It is not enough to just give them standard toys and clothes to wear, it will not work in the future, we have to remember the teachings of our grandparents and follow them accordingly. ۔ We have to show them the importance of being human, we need to make sure they live for others, not just a selfish life that always thinks of itself. They should know that making money is not the only success, it is important to be honest and good human being.

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Positive thoughts

Until a certain age, children should only be allowed things that are positive around them, they should grow up with positive thoughts, as parents, it is our duty to consider this. We have to teach them the importance of our religion and respect other religions. We have to keep children away when we have conflicts with family members or friends, we should not involve them in decision making in family matters, they should be given access only if It is important to know otherwise it is better to keep them away.

The coming days are more challenging for both children and parents, we must make future generations more responsible and make this planet more beautiful so people will live happily ever after.

If I made a mistake in writing this, please forgive me. Thanks for your time.

Syed Nayeemulla Hussaini, Gulbarga.

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