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Germany: Court lifts ban on Azaan at local mosque

Munster [Germany]: A court in the western city of Munster, Germany lifted a ban on Azaan at local mosque. It held that it is a religious freedom.

Now, loudspeaker can be used for the prayer call on Friday.

Locals lodged complaint in 2015

It all started in 2015 when local residents approached a court against the permit that allowed Muslims to use loudspeakers for 15 minutes between noon and 2 p.m. on Friday. They said that their concern is not the sound rather the content of the prayer call.

They said that Azaan call puts Allah (SWT) above God of Christians. It was also said that Azaan should not be compared with ringing of bells at churches.

To further support their argument, it was said that ringing of bells is merely a sound.

After listening the argument, a court in Germany had put a ban on Azaan.

Court in Munster lifted ban

On Wednesday, the court in Munster said that there is no ground for complaint and lifted the ban on Azaan at the mosque.

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