Give respect, take respect

In today’s world evil has spread at its peak. In our society negativity is more common then never before. To spread the light of righteousness and positivity, Sister Andlib Sayed has delivered a very informative and beautiful speech on this topic. Let’s ponder what she says-

She starts her speech by saying; Only respectful people can respect others because a person can only give something to others which he already has. If you want to know someone, see that how he treats the rich and the poor.

In fact there are some rich people who are so poor that beside wealth they don’t have any other thing.

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Kindly ponder that if you give respect to peoples, Allah will give respect to you. Treat people with respect if you want to be respected. If Allah has provided you wealth then give some portion of it to the needy.

The prophet (PBUH) has taught us that ‘Give charity in such a way that one’s left hand does not know what his right hand gives.’ (Authentic prophetic saying)

Allah says In Quran that Allah hates the one who spends his wealth just to show off.

But today’s condition is that there is more fruit in rich’s shampoo then in poor man’s plate.

Let us not forget that the poor will go to paradise 500 years earlier then the rich people. The prophet himself used to supplicate to Allah that Oh Allah raise me amongst poor on the day of judgement.

Children copy their parents. Our children will learn the same thing we act today. They learn from us that to whom we give respect and from whom we accept the invitation. It is because children sometimes don’t learn what they are taught but they learn what they see. Therefore let’s teach our children to give respect to others, to spend on those who are needy.

Actually we are brand conscious. Lets understand that it is fine that we use branded clothes, gadgets, etc. But because of this if we become proud and think ourself superiors then there is a problem. The prophet (p.b.u.h.) has warned has many times from being proud. And let’s not forget that the first sin of Shaytan was Pride.

Allah does not like a person who is proud. Let’s vow that we won’t think anyone inferior, whether it be at any level, education, clothes, livelihood and even on the basis of looks.

So let’s not be proud otherwise we will lose our Paradise. Our worship in the form of prayer, fast, charity, we will lose it. Let’s keep ourselves and our children away from pride and let’s ask forgiveness form Allah and let’s be humble. May Allah make us to act upon it more than propagating and listening.

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