Govt must work without discrimination for country’s progress: AIMPLB President

Lucknow: The President of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) and the Dean of the famous seminary “Nadwatul Ulema” Maulana Syed Rabey Hasani Nadwi, during an interview to an Urdu daily, said it is necessary for a nation’s progress that its government must work for progress and development without discriminating between its people on communal, sectarian, regional or linguistic grounds.

Maulana Nadvi said, “The government must work for the overall progress of the country and all its citizens instead of working for narrow political ends. Those leading the nation, instead of following their personal agendas, must lay down broad progressive policies and work to implement them to ensure the overall progress and development of the Nation.”

Regarding current situations in the country, Maulana Nadvi said, “Though the prevailing situation in the country may not be encouraging the Muslims should not despair, panic, or live in fear. There is a solution for every problem and sooner or later the current problems are bound to be resolved.”

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Maulana Nadvi expressed his deep concern over the growing communal hatred in the country and advised Muslims not to be instigated or provoked.

Maulana Nadvi appealed Muslims to increase their interactions with other communities and try to remove misconceptions from their minds regarding Muslims and Islam and leave the rest to the Almighty.

The AIMPLB’ President said bad and good people are present in every country. “There is a large number of people in India who understand us and they are influenced by our religion and culture. It is our duty to take such people along. It is our belief that the circumstances do not remain the same forever. The current circumstances will change and the good times are bound to come.”

Answering a question Maulana Nadvi described himself “away from politics” and said that on some issues particularly Babri Masjid and Triple Talaq there might have been mistakes from our religious leadership due to which we faced failures. But the religious leaders must strive with honesty to lead the community. It is necessary for us to introspect our mistakes and try to avoid them in the future for the community’s better future and advancement.

Regarding mob lynching, Maulana Nadavi, said, “These incidents are a blot on the face of any civilized society and it is the duty of the government to take effective measures to prevent such incidents.”

About targeting Muslims in the name of population control Maulana Nadvi said that the government must devise state policy in view of the statistics without religious considerations in legislating the laws.

“There is absolutely no need for us to give up our religious identity, values, and culture. We must conduct all our religious tasks within the Country’s constitutional framework. We can preserve our identity through the liberties, rights and guarantees provided in our Country’s Constitution,” the AIMPLB President said.

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