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Gujarat school ‘forces’ students to pen pro-CAA postcard to PM

Gujarat school ‘forces’ students to pen pro-CAA postcard to PM
Little Star School’ in Ahmedabad forced students to congratulate PM Modi.

Ahmedabad: The ‘Little Star School’ in Ahmedabad on Tuesday asked its students, from Classes V to X, to write a message on postcards appreciating and congratulating Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his resolution on CAA.


I, a citizen of India, congratulate honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). I and my family support this act”

The all-girls school affiliated to the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education Board is in Kankaria area of Ahmedabad. Following protests by parents on Wednesday, the school management apologized and called the exercise a “misunderstanding”. The postcards were returned to the parents, who tore them up.

According to some parents, during classes on Tuesday, teachers wrote the congratulatory message on the blackboards, and asked the students to copy them on postcards. The students were asked to submit these postcards, addressed to “PMO, South Block secretariat building, Raisina Hills, New Delhi”, along with their residence address.

“Students of Class X are currently appearing for their internal exams. They too were told to write these postcards. When they protested, they were told that those who did not submit these postcards would not be given marks in the internal exams. What is the purpose of mentioning their residence address, that too without the parents’ permission,” said a parent.

On Wednesday afternoon, dozens of parents went to the office of the school trustee-cum-owner to protest against the exercise. The school management apologized to the parents, called it a “misunderstanding”, and returned the postcards to the parents. The parents then tore the postcards in the trustee-cum-owner’s office as a mark of their protest.

When contacted, the school management denied that they had conducted this exercise under the influence of any party. “The issue has been sorted out, it was a case of misuse of authority by some teachers who conducted the exercise in some classes on Tuesday without my knowledge. We returned the postcards to the parents, and they tore them up,” said Jinesh Parasram, trustee and owner of the school. The school has about 1,200 students enrolled from Nursery to Class 10.

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