Haj 2019 complete information from Consul General of India

Riyadh: Increase in Haj Quota:

During the visit of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to India on 19-20 February, 2019, on Hon’ble Prime Minister’s request, India’s Haj quota was increased to 200,000.

Out of the additional 25000 quota, the Ministry of Minority Affairs has allotted 15000 to HCOI and 10,000 to Haj Group Organizers (HGOs). As such, 140,000 Hajis are coming through HCOI and 60,000 through HGOs.

MS Education Academy

E-path System:

E-Haj visas of all the Indian Hajis have now been issued.

Madinah Pre-allotment:

For the first time, the Consulate has introduced pre-allotment of buildings in Madinah whereby rooms of Hajis are allotted prior to their departure from India for Madinah. The pre-allotment has eased the movement of Hajis & their check-in the Hotels/buildings in Madinah as they are already aware of the room allotted to them, thereby drastically reducing the time taken during arrival of Hajis in Madinah in the past. About 4-5 hours used to be taken earlier for the Hajis to get the room keys after reaching the hotels/buildings in Madinah. This year, with pre-allotment of rooms of Hajis, the Hajis are now able to go straight to their allotted rooms without waiting time. For Makkah, the pre-allotment has been going on for many years. Also, for the first time, Haj Committee of India has put tags on the baggages of Hajis marking the Hotel/building details along with the room allotted to the Hajis. This has significantly eased the movement of Hajis baggages from airport to the buildings.

Lady pilgrims without Mehram:

This year, 2340 lady pilgrims without Mehram are coming to perform Haj. They are being accommodated in exclusive and good quality buildings. A separate Office manned by Lady Officers has been set up to take special care of them.

Azizia Transportation:

24X7 bus transportation service is provided to HCOI Hajis for commuting between Azizia and Haram Shareef.

The Consulate have also made tremendous improvements in Azizia transportation engaging newer and good quality buses of 2018 and above model.

Makkah-Madinah Transportation:

For Haj 2019, new buses of 2018 models and above are deployed for movement of 140000 HCOI Hajis between Makkah & Madinah.

Metro Train Facility:

74500 HCOI Hajis are being provided metro train facility for their easy movement between Mina-Arafat-Musdalifa-Mina during the core haj period. Rest of the Hajis will avail bus services.

Mobile APP and e-MASIHA:

The Consulate’s Mobile App – “Indian Haji Information System” can be downloaded in any smart phone. The System provides information of Hajis e.g. his/her Building No., Maktab No., Contact No., Name of Khadimul Hujjah (Guide) etc. The App also provides other information e.g. Haj Guide Film, Do’s & Don’ts, latest news etc. The location of all the Mina Maktabs is also incorporated in this App. One can also register complaints through this app and the redressal of the complaints can also be tracked through it. Consulate has also incorporated Post-Haj Survey Forms in this app. Till Haj 2018, post-Haj surveys were conducted through printed survey forms.

During Haj 2018, the Consulate developed an online OPD System, called as e-MASIHA (Medical Assistance System for Indian Hajis Abroad) – an online software through which all OPDs are entered online and Haji’s medical history, visits, medical prescriptions etc are maintained online. Medicines inventory is also linked thereby easing the requisition and supply to Hospitals & Dispensaries both in Makkah & Madinah. This year, Consulate has further improved this online system by incorporating in-patient Hajis’ details also.

Supply of bed-sheets/pillow covers/SIM cards/Plastic items etc. to Hajis:

All HCOI Hajis are supplied 2 Bedsheets & 2 Pillow covers in their buildings in Makkah for their use during their stay in the Kingdom. SIM Cards are provided to all HCOI Hajis in the Embarkation Points in India which are activated upon their arrival in Makkah/Madinah. In addition they are provided plastic items e.g. buckets, mugs, lota etc. in their buildings and umbrella.

Deputationists from India:

Government of India also sends more than 500 deputationists to the Kingdom which include Coordinators, Doctors, Assistant Haj Officers, Paramedics and Haj Assistants. In addition, the Consulate also engages about 600 personnel temporarily during Haj under Haj Man Month (HMM) sanctioned by Ministry of Minority Affairs. The Consulate deploys these officials and staff to various Desks, Branch offices, dispensaries and Hospitals.

In addition to the above, the Consulate General of India in Jeddah make the following arrangements for HCOI Hajis during Haj:

  • Setting up of Main offices in Makkah and Madinah, 16 branch Offices in Makkah, Misplaced Baggage Desks in Makkah & Madinah & 3 Branch Offices in Madinah.
  • Setting up of several Desks in the Main Haj office including Information Desk, Building Welfare, General Welfare, Madinah Movement, Departure Baggage Cell,
  • Setting up of 40-Bedded and 30-bedded Hospitals in Azizia, 10-Bedded Hospital in Makkah and 10-Bedded Main Dispensary in Madinah, 16 Branch Dispensaries in Makkah and 3 Branch Dispensaries in Madinah.
  • Setting up Office-cum-Dispensary at Jeddah Haj Terminal & an Office at Madinah Airport.
  • Receiving Hajis on arrival and guiding them to the respective buses. In Madinah, every day, about 2500-4500 Hajis are received in 10-20 flights. Similar is the number of flights & Hajis in Jeddah.
  • On arrival of Hajis in their buildings in Makkah & Madinah, the medical team visits each building for medical check-up of Hajis. Old age Hajis are given special medical care. Daily & special care has been given to 45 Hajis who are above 90 years old.      For serious health issues, Hajis are referred to Government hospitals for advanced medical treatment.
  • Consulate allots building & room to all Hajis in Makkah before their flight departs from India. The details are printed as Stickers at Airports in India by HCOI Staff & provided to the Hajis. For allotment of buildings, the Consulate has developed a Software program matching the building & room capacities with the flight    capacity. Sizes of rooms in Makkah & Madinah range from 1-7, whereas Cover sizes are from 1-5. Attempts are made by Consulate to allot same room to a same Cover but to avoid any unit of accommodation going waste, Covers are sometimes allotted to two adjacent rooms.
  • Allotment of nearest available buildings in Makkah for 70+ pilgrims & in lower floors.
  • Setting up of bus points at Azizia & near Haram Sharief.
  • Monitoring bus movement of about 62000 Hajis from Madinah to Makkah (450 Kms long) before Haj & who arrived in Madinah from India. Similarly, after Haj, bus movement from Makkah to Madinah for about 78000 Hajis, who arrived in Jeddah before Haj from India. Monitoring movement of Hajis from Makkah to Mina-Arafat-Musdalifa-Mina-Makkah during Core Period.
  • Strengthening the Online Complaint Management System by making it effective and prompt.
  • Gas refilling, up to two times, by the Consulate in pilgrims’ buildings in Azizia.
  • Distribution of Islamic Development Bank’s Adahi (Qurbani) coupons to the pilgrims who opted for it. Hajis indicate their options to HCOI & payments are then transferred  to IDB through us for the Coupons.
  • Distribution of tickets for Metro Train facility in Mashaer Region (Mina-Arafat-Muzdifah-Mina) for HCOI Pilgrims.
  • Monitoring of bus movement from Hajis’ buildings in Makkah to Mina for Core Haj & continuous monitoring of the Hajis’ movements during core Haj by Metro Train     & Bus. At the end of core Period, also, Consulate monitors the movement of Hajis from Mina to their buildings in Makkah.
  • City Check-in of baggage for pilgrims (Remote Check-in) both in Makkah and Madinah. Consulate, along with Airlines & Cargo Agency, undertakes remote check-in of the Hajis’ baggages from their buildings 24 hours before the     departure of the Haj Flight.
  • To send ZAMZAM by Ferry Flights by all Airlines during pre-Haj (arrival phase). Agreement is signed by the Consulate with the concerned Zam Zam supplying Company to provide Zam Zam cans for every HCOI Haji at Jeddah & Madinah Airports.
  • Screening of Haj Film (on YouTube/ CGI website/ Onboard in-Flight/ Training sessions in India). Consulate produced a 40- minute long Haj Film covering practical aspects of Haj. This Film is shown to all Hajis during their training in    India, on flights as well as in their buildings in Makkah. It is also available in Consulate’s website, YouTube & Mobile App, developed by the Consulate – ‘Indian Haji Information System’.
  • Preparation/placement/distribution of Sign Boards, Maps and Pocket Maps of Makkah, Madinah, Mina and Arafat. The Tricolor signboards in the external       portion of all the Buildings hires by us for HCOI Hajis give the Building No,     Helpline No. etc in 3 languages – Hindi, English & Arabic.
  • Setting up of office and medical desks and mobile medical facility during core haj period at Mina & Arafat.
  • The Consulate produces Haj Daily Bulletin & is uploaded on YouTube & shared through the Consulate’s Twitter handle & Facebook page.
  • Introduction of baggage tagging system to aid in prompt sorting and delivering of baggage to respective pilgrims.
  • The Consulate makes Whatsapp No. (00966543891481), Helpline Phone Nos. 00966-12-5458000 and 00966-12-5496000) and Toll Free Telephone No (8002477786) operational and responsive 24X7. SMS Alert system are also put to good use for the Hajis.

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