Hamdard Founder’s list of natural remedies for different ailments

By Waris

Hyderabad: Hakeem Mohammed Saeed emphasises natural remedies for ailments rather than popping pills for every other affliction.

The following ailments along with their natural remedies:

Liver heat: yoghurt
Dry intestines: ghee
Asthama: avoid sour food and eat fish instead.
For better brain functioning: consume almonds with honey
Sore throat due to cold: gargle with salty water
Pain due to tooth cavity: rub salt on gums
Weakness: rock sugar/ misri
Heart heat: consume the jelly made from Indian gooseberry (amla ka murabba) and pineapples
If one feels excessive cold during winter (to increase body heat): egg yolk
Weakness of liver: papaya
For increasing haemoglobin and to cure excess phlegm/mucus: eat carrots, radish and gram
Acidity: ginger water or fennel seeds (saunf) water.
To reduce tiredness: warm milk
Indigestion: fasting for a day.

MS Education Academy

These amazing remedies have been provided by Hakeem Muhammed Saeed, an intellectual innovator, entrepreneur, medical researcher and a philanthropist. Hakeem Saeed advises to avoid medicines as far as possible and treat ourselves with natural food.

Hamdard Foundation

He has been an excellent researcher in the field of Eastern medicines and found the Hamdard Foundation in 1948. He later founded the Hamdard University in 1991. Hakeem Muhammed Saeed authored and complied about 200 books in medicine, philosophy, science, health, religion, natural medicine, literature, and has written travelogues.

After a fifty-year career as a practitioner of Greco-Arab medicine, he was awarded the Nishan-e-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan in 2002.

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