Harappa announces key leadership appointments

These announcements are in line with the company’s plans to achieve exponential growth on key frontiers

New Delhi: Harappa, India’s leading online learning institution for behavioral, social and cognitive skills has announced the appointment of Seema Chowdhry as Chief Learning Officer, Harappa School of Leadership, Rohit Madhok as Chief Technology Officer, Harappa, and Nigel Patrick Eccleston as Vice President, Consumer Product, Harappa. The company has also elevated Dhruv Mehra as Head, of International Business.

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These announcements are in line with the company’s plans to achieve exponential growth on key frontiers: to expand its enterprise business, shape and scale the consumer business, and grow its new school of leadership into a global online institution. This phase marks the beginning of Harappa’s ambitious journey into the world’s most competitive higher education and learning market, the United States of America.

It’s an exciting homecoming for Seema Chowdhry, who has previously spent more than 2.5 years at Harappa, and before her stint in education, has been a senior journalist and editor. During her first tenure at Harappa, she shaped the company’s signature curriculum, conceptualized its cohort-based blended delivery, and created its award-winning flagship programs for enterprises. As co-custodian for the Harappa School of Leadership, she has the mandate to shape and build the brand, launch best-in-class programs for ambitious mid-career professionals, and ensure these reach the right learner audience, right faculty, and right recruiters.

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She comes back to Harappa after spending nearly a year at a global education firm, where she led delivery across India & APAC, and program design for APAC.

“My partnership with Harappa is built on already solid ground because of the time I’ve spent here in its earliest days. I look forward to reconnecting with Harappa’s stellar curriculum, working with its practitioner faculty to develop and design an online journey where the learner is at the center” – Seema Chowdhry, Chief Learning Officer, Harappa School of Leadership.

Bringing 22 years of expertise in engineering, strategy, and execution to Harappa, Rohit Madhok is responsible for building unparalleled enterprise and consumer learning products. He has deep experience in establishing technology excellence at high-growth start-ups and enjoys the challenge that comes from building products that need to get big.

“Harappa has a great culture and people. I’m looking forward to leading an incredible team of technologists and building a world-class enterprise. At Harappa, we have had great success, but we have a deeper appetite to do more. I share the company’s obsession to understand, engage and motivate our learners by building a digital-first institution that leverages technology to give the best learning experience, ” says Rohit Madhok, Chief Technology Officer, Harappa.

On the Consumer Product side, Nigel Eccleston brings his vast experience of working with start-ups and media giants, to Harappa. He is responsible for scaling Harappa’s consumer products across the web and app.

“I am keen to further my deep passion for user experience and user behaviour at Harappa, where the consumer business is already seeing immense success. While shaping consumer products across the web and app, my focus will be on user experience, which we will continue to improve and innovate upon. I keenly look forward to working with an incredibly talented team to tailor and enhance our learners’ digital experience,” said Nigel Eccleston, Vice President – Consumer Product, Harappa.

Congratulating all the senior leaders for their new stint, Shreyasi Singh, Founder & CEO, Harappa said, “As founders, you dream and aspire for your company to be world-class, in every which way. With the addition of such incredible colleagues, we continue to march forth on that journey. They all bring a powerful combination of deep commitment, experience, and curiosity, and it’s our privilege to have them lead such important mandates for Harappa’s growth.”

She added: “We’re also making a deliberate and systematic effort to launch in the US. Dhruv Mehra, our Director of the   Consumer Business, and a cherished colleague of more than two years, has been given the additional mandate of leading our International Business. With his elevation as Head, of International Business, Harappa is set to take its offering to the largest learning market in the world. This is a moment of great pride and enthusiasm for us.”

About Harappa– Harappa is a learner-centered institution of the​​ future committed to empowering its learners with Thrive Skills, comprising 600,000+ learners and 150+ enterprise clients. Its courses and programs drive transformative career success using Thrive Skills—an essential set of cognitive, social, and behavioral skills to enable individuals to continuously succeed at every stage of their career. Harappa’s pedagogical approach is rooted in academic research, expert insights, and behavioral science. Visit https://harappa.education/

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