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Here’re differences between symptoms of coronavirus and flu

Here’re differences between symptoms of coronavirus and flu

New Delhi: The symptoms of coronavirus and flu are almost the same except the incubation period. In the case of coronavirus disease, the incubation period is 1-14 days whereas, the first symptom of flu appears in 1-4 days.

Here’s the comparison between the symptoms of coronavirus disease, flu and cold as reported by Medical News Today.

Incubation period (in days)1-141-41-3
Onset of symptomsGraduallyAbruptGradually
FeverCommon CommonRare
Cough Common Common Mild to moderate
Fatigue Common Common Sometimes
Runny nose Sometimes Sometimes Common
Nasal congestion Sometimes Sometimes Common
Diarrhea Sometimes Sometimes Rare
Body aches Sometimes CommonSlight
Sore throat Sometimes Sometimes Common
Headache Sometimes Common Rare
Appetite loss Sometimes Common Sometimes
Breath shortness Common SometimesMild
Respiratory issues Common SometimesSometimes

Coronavirus cases

It may be mentioned that coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than 26000 people.

Over 572,040 coronavirus cases have been declared in 183 countries and territories. The countries with the most official deaths are Italy with 9,134, Spain (4,858), mainland China (3,292), Iran (2,378) and France (1,995).

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