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Highest paid summer internship for three Jamia students

Highest paid summer internship for three Jamia students

According to the press release of Jamia Millia Islamia, three students of Faculty of Engineering & Technology, JMI have been selected for paid summer internship by multinational group Trident Ltd. on a monthly stipend of Rs.50,000/- each said to be highest to be paid to any student of the faculty.

The students Divyanshu Singh and Chirag Kaushik of B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering) as well as Mohd. Zafaryab of B.Tech (Electrical Engineering) will undergo two months internship program at the company, starting next month. They have been selected by the company on the basis of their marks in 10th and 12th classes and upto 5th Semester of B.Tech. They had to clear two psychometric test also for their selection.

During the final round, they were asked to explain about their projects they had mentioned in their resume while seeking internship in the company. Mohd. Zafaryab has done many projects based on control system, robotics and automation. Some of the projects were supported by Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), JMI.

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