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Houses built by K’taka govt in Gadag develop cracks, crumble

Houses built by K’taka govt in Gadag develop cracks, crumble

Gadag (Karnataka): Several women residing in Gadag city of Karnataka are in a panic as their houses allotted by the state government have been damaged due to relentless rains.

The big cracks were visible and the rainwater was getting stagnated inside the houses.

“We have lost everything in the floods. The government is neglecting us and are not providing any facility to us. We have lost our house. I have two children and do not what to do. Life is becoming tough. How is it possible to live here, if the situation remains the same,” said Mallavva, a flood victim.

“We lost everything and the government is neglecting in the way which is not ready to facilitate us with any kind of facilities I have two children life is becoming so tough for us to live here without proper facilities. It looks like the government is nowhere worried about us, how is it possible to live when situation remain like this says Mallavva, a flood victim.”

The victims also told ANI that C.C. Patil, Minister of Mines and Geology from the Commerce and Industries Department of Karnataka, has not visited the place to take the stick of the loss.

Also, Narayanpur Chaya Bhagavathi temple in Yadgiri has also been partially submerged in the water due to heavy rainfall in the area from the past few weeks. Knee-deep water was witnessed inside the premises of the holy shrine.

Notably, the human death toll due to floods in Karnataka has reached 13 on Wednesday revealing the extent of devastation left by the relentless downpour and floods that lashed the state from October 18 till today.

According to data collected by the state government, a total of 150 livestock have been killed and more than 10,000 houses – (9832 partially damaged, 206 completely damaged) have also been damaged due to the heavy rains in the region in the last six days.

To bring back normalcy in the flood-hit regions, the state administration has set up relief camps for the victims. In Bagalkote alone, as many as 3,734 people have been rehabilitated in seven relief camps. As per the data, a total of 7,220 people have been rehabilitated across Karnataka in 28 relief camps.

Furthermore, on Wednesday, around four Additional Directorate General of Public Information Indian Army (ADGPI) teams were pressed into action for relief and rescue operations in the flood-hit Raichur district.

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