How to kill the coronavirus; learn from Chinese expert

Hong Kong:  A Chinese research scholar has revealed that coronavirus can be killed by exposing it to high temperatures.

Dr. Dan Lee Dinke has shared a video that tells how to control the spread of coronavirus.

He was speaking on his TV channel, Future World.

Dr. Dinkle says the Coronavirus, which is now known as SARS- CoV-2 or COVID-19 has an exploitative vulnerability that is shared by most respiratory viruses and all other known coronaviruses. They are remarkably fragile and thrive at near or below freezing temperatures.

These viruses die within a few minutes when exposed to high temperatures. They survive in the coolest parts of the body namely the nose and sinus cavities. These sinuses are located behind the cheeks and nostrils and around the eye sockets. These cavities are often nearly as cool as the outside air we breathe. When outside temperatures rise, so do our sinus temperatures. When it’s too warm inside the sinuses for these viruses to reproduce, they die and quickly disappear.

Numerous laboratory studies show that coronavirus is easily killed in 15 minutes at just 56°C or 133°F. As they slowly heated the virus in the lab, scientists observed that the outer viral membrane began to rupture and within minutes it fatally collapsed. Mild heat application is now being regularly used in manufacturing medicines and vaccines. The very same process could be used with patients by raising the sinuses above the “kill –temperature.” The virus dies, symptoms and infectivity stop, and the outbreak is over. 

Blow dryer technique

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This is remarkably easy to do, by simply breathing in hot air by which, the coolest part of the body, i.e. the nasal cavities, suddenly becomes the warmest part of the body. And the invading viruses melt. But can the patients survive in the “kill-temperature”?  Desert temperatures rise above 56°C or 133°F every day. And millions of people walk into the sun every day with temperatures far above this! Breathing deeply for just a few minutes in high temperatures will kill a high percentage of any invading coronaviruses. A second or third exposure about an hour later will kill the rest of the virus. 

The common handheld blow dryer used for drying hair contains a heating element and a fan that instantly delivers forced hot air temperatures that will kill coronavirus even faster. Since one can control the exposure to just the infected area of the body; the nose and sinuses, one can safely use this approach even if they have fever.

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This simple “Cold-Arrest Procedure” was first proposed in the book “Conquer the Common Cold and the Flu” (1984). Since then, it has been successfully tested and used in more than 55 countries.

How to do it?

Step 1: Set blow dryer to a low level. Then cup fingers over the air intake to slow airflow and increase output temperature. 

Step 2: Use spray water upward onto the face and into the nose from about 10cm (4 inches) away. 

The flow of hot air causes the water to evaporate, keeping your face and nose cool, while allowing heat and steam to penetrate the nose and sinuses.

Take slow deep breaths with mouth closed for 5 minutes. To minimize any discomfort, turn the blow dryer aside between breaths. The goal is to raise the temperature of sinuses to 56°C i.e., the coronavirus kills temperature. 

Step 3: After pausing for one hour, begin another 5-minute hot air treatment. If no symptoms have appeared, 2 heating cycles per day should be sufficient. If symptoms have already developed, 5 cycles (5 minutes each) hot-air treatments per day are recommended until symptoms disappear. 

If widely used, this simple “Cold-Arrest Procedure” can help prevent any further spread of COVID-19 cases.

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