How to save youngsters from mental disintegration?

Anxiety and depression are the biggest virus


By Mubarak Kapdi

New Delhi: Life is very precious, in the pandemic of COVID-19 everyone has acutely realized this, but mental diseases are also great enemies of life. It is very important to save the new generation from the deadly and dangerous diseases that grow in our homes like narcissism, a lack of empathy, selfishness and jealousy.

We are examining the psychology of mentally disturbed, confused and frustrated youngsters who always talk to their friends only about frustration and depression. If someone speaks optimistically in any party, he not only gets up from there, but he also considers the one who calls him from despair and darkness to the light of hope as his enemy. Before taking any extreme step towards his life, this young man starts smoking, gutkha and even drugs. Such a frustrated young man always reads only stories and articles of frustration and failure and constantly listens to frustration and disturbing songs. Ready to turn his back on life, the young man begins to wrap up his work. After doing so, he begins to apologize to the people of the house. He often apologizes to everyone separately, so not everyone is aware of it. Unfortunately, this is not the case with most family members.

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What is the treatment for these cases? To prevent all of this, it is first and foremost important that the home environment be pleasant. There is a link of communication with every member of the family, where this link is broken, misunderstandings, mistrust and even more dangerous diseases like narcissism and selfishness start. Depression is born out of the womb of these diseases because when one thinks that only he will succeed, he will earn the most money and no one will know its tricks. Now in this selfishness, when he does not get any significant success, he becomes depressed embarrassed and even is a victim of the disease called jealousy. All these mental illnesses take over his mind in such a way that he feels safe in turning away from life.

Parents should make sure that their children’s lives do not escalate into anxiety as much as possible because what they have in front of them is call frustration and depression.

With the disruption of the economic, social and education system during the lockdown, it is feared that a large number of youngsters will suffer from mental disorders. How to identify a frustrated teenager? He always just sits holding his head. Always in a state of self-harm. Makes unsuccessful people his role models. If such a young person is accustomed to writing a diary, then it is necessary to follow that he is not noting the frustrated verses in his diary? Isn’t collecting essays full of failure and mental confusion? Doesn’t the code enter anything in the words? If he is good at drawing, see that he is not making pictures of the cruel people of history? Now youngsters like them write their thoughts and feelings to their mobile pads.

Duty of parents

Parents should also keep a close eye on which sites their children visit on the internet (children can only agree to this if the parents do not keep their mobiles locked). Web sites are in fact more harmful because there are also sites that provide complete information on how to commit suicide.

If a young man has visited such sites and tells friends or family that he or she was just joking or reading suicide tips just to add to the information, then consider that the alarm is ringing. No one goes to such dangerous and harmful sites just for fun. Nowadays, all the young people who turn away from life are found writing their inside story on the notepad of their mobile phones,. They consider their mobile as their partner and also their sympathizer. It is another matter that the main reason for the dangerous turn of his life is that smart partner and his misuse. If the parents keep their mobile phones unlock, then the children will also follow them and then their stories written on their notepad will reach you. In this way, many secrets will be revealed to you that you did not know your child well.


In Islam, the lust for worldly wealth has been declared undesirable. However, there is no place for monasticism and hatred of life in this religion. There is no room in this religion for turning away from worldly affairs and living on the day of life or just wishing for death. Rather, the greatest reality after this worldly life, that is, all blessings and bounties in the hereafter depend only on the performance of this worldly life. Now how can one ignore this worldly life and its requirements? The pursuit of wealth, fame and fortune in this world should not be the foal of one’s life because it is the beginning of greed, jealousy and conspiracies. However, the precious life that Allah has given to man its value, some rules and regulations necessary to live it anyway and it is possible only when we love life. On the contrary, if we hate life, we will be utterly at a loss, and the report card we are preparing in this world for the hereafter will be ruined.

That is why today we are talking to those students and teenagers who are always covered with the veil of despair, they dare to face any failure but not to compete with life and time but to embrace death. We would like to tell them what is the magic in loving life.

  1. A person who truly loves life knows and believes that this life is really short. Such a common thing, however, is not understood by those who do not want life. Those who love life value every moment. He also believes in the basic fact that this life is a test, so you have to write a paper and it will result in performance, so he does not find a way to escape from life.
  2. The one who loves life is very organized. He spends a lot of time and energy to create order in his life. This small investment makes it a lot easier for him to make a living. Because of his discipline in life, he does not suffer from stress and always has peace of mind. On the contrary, those who hate life are disorganized in their lives, so they are always overwhelmed, confused and tired.
  3. A person who loves life is very appreciative of time. He knows that time is very precious. He also has the insight to understand that the days, months, years that are changing are not a matter of celebration. The one who hates life is not conscious of these facts of life.

(Mubarak Kapdi is renowned educationist, scholar and author of 17 books on education)

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