Husband sells wife’s homemade lunch at work to buy fast food instead

A woman was in for a big shock when she discovered that her husband was not eating the lunch she made for him every day. In fact he was selling it off further at workplace to use the money to buy fast food for himself!

A woman was in for a shock when she found that her husband has been selling the lunch she has been preparing for him at work place to buy fast food instead.

The woman took to Reddit and expressed her annoyance over her husband’s addiction to fast food.

The couple has been trying to save some money and cut down expenses as they have been living in an expensive neighborhood. “He is used to eating fast food and it was costly. He had no problem spending money daily on fast food and after we started living in an expensive area, I talked to him about it. He agreed that I make sandwiches for him to take with him to work,” she wrote in the post. 

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After considering all the aspects they can work on they decided to cut down on eating outside food as that is where the husband spends the most. “He spent more than 20$ a day which equals to more than 300$ a month” she stated.

She further conveyed that she has been making sandwiches for a while for him and he never complained or said a thing but then one day when a coworker of her husband had come over for dinner, he complimented the sandwiches she made.

The part that shocked her was when he called them overpriced. That’s when the whole story unfolded for her.

The wife in the end mentioned she is not making lunchboxes for him anymore.

This Reddit post got more than 23,000 likes and more than 2000 comments. The comments were in the support of the wife starting a food business or the man going for some therapy sessions as he might be addicted to fast food, which can ruin his health.

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