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Hyderabad: 2 patients hurt as ceiling falls off at OGH

Hyderabad: 2 patients hurt as ceiling falls off at OGH
Osmania General Hospital File photo.

Hyderabad: A part of the false ceiling in the post-operative area in Hyderabad’s Osmania General Hospital collapsed and fell on two patients leav- ing them injured on Thursday morning. Sources said the patients were lying down on beds when suddenly the ceiling came crashing down on them.

OGH superintendent Dr B Nagender said the ceiling fell on the bed of two patients, causing them minor injuries for which they were being treated. “We are looking into the issue,” he said In an earlier instance two years ago, junior doctors and staff at the OGH had gone on strike to draw the hospital management’s attention to the safety conditions and poor infrastructure at the hospital.

As a mark of protest junior doctors wore helmets while working in the hospital building. The strike, which lasted four months, was called off after the then health minister assured the staff that a new building would be constructed at the hospital for safety reasons.

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