Hyderabad: Business Expo 2.0 to be held at Taj Palace

Exhibition to be held on 13 -14 August

By Dr Sheik Muhammad Usman

Hyderabad: Every educated person is well aware that the three main occupations for earning livelihood are agriculture, trade and employment. Trade is the best source of livelihood, by the way, the history of trade is very old, but its financial , economic, social and political importance has increased a lot in recent centuries. Especially industrialization and manufacturing.

As far as I know, if there are ten parts of sustenance, then nine parts belong to the business. It is by trade that human life is established, both life and death. Because trade is necessary, even today wars are fought for trade, but unfortunately, Indian Muslims are far away from trade.

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Before independence, the dependence of Muslims was limited only to jobs, but after independence, the doors of jobs were gradually closed for them. Due to staying away from trade, billions of rupees of Muslims in India go into the pockets of others every day. Muslims should leave high paying jobs and prefer small trades because jobs can never make them rich. Being educated and wandering around in search of a job is a sign of bad luck, one can earn more in trade than in employment, one cannot leave a job as an inheritance while trade goes on for generations.

Expo 2.0 organised by Bright Begin on 13th and 14th August 2022 at Taj Palace Function Hall, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad.

I am aware of a few educated youths who preferred to do small business in their homeland instead of going to Gulf. For example, Azam, the younger brother of a friend of mine in Gulbarga, entered the field of business a few years ago. He started a two-wheeler and four-wheeler washing center, and today his business is reaching the heights of success, and he has provided employment to four or five youths, and others. My  nephew Syed Nayeem preferred  business rather doing jobs . In the last ten years, Syed Nayeem has earned so much through event management that today he lives in his own 3BHK flat in Bangalore with his family.

Apart from Syed Nayeem and Azam, I feel it important to tell the readers about another active personality who started his career as an electrician instead of doing  job twenty years, today he is the owner of production house with his tireless work and dedication. Where post-production of feature films, TV serials, TV films, short films etc. is done.

The name of this activist is Syed Khalid and he lives in Attapur, Hyderabad. Therefore, I humbly appeal to ladies and gentlemen, especially Muslim youth, to stop running after jobs and start a small business even with a small capital. And the fruit will provide both. Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Usman Sahib and his colleagues in charge of Brigt Begin, a social organization in Hyderabad related to raising awareness in the field of trade, have undertaken to guide the unemployed Muslim youth in all aspects related to trade. On August 13 and 14, 2022, Expo 2.0 organized by Bright Begin is going to be organized at Buldaguda, Taj Palis Function Hall, Hyderabad city.

In which renowned businessesmen from different places of India will present , products will be kept there on a large scale and machinery will also be displayed. 

Let us now finally know the aims and objectives of Bright Begin in the words of Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Usman: “Though the youth of the Ummah having potential , they are suffering from unemployment due to lack of proper guidance. Therefore, we want to address the youth of the Ummah on behalf of Business Guidance Expo Bright Begin to participate in this expo and be associated with Bright Begin and pave the way for economic stability. It is our effort that talented young people use their talents to move forward under the guidance of Bright Begin.

I especially appeal to those youth who have engineering degrees and are serving in other fields, they must attend this Expo 2.0 because experts from all fields are going to participate in it using their experience to forge new paths in their field.

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