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Hyderabad: Digital traffic signal system introduced

Hyderabad: Digital traffic signal system introduced

Hyderabad: In an attempt to modernize the traffic signaling system in the city, Hyderabad City Traffic Police introduced a digital signaling system on an experimental basis at KBR Park, Banjara Hills.

Traffic Inspector of Banjara Hills Police Station, Mr. B. Prasada Rao informed that traffic police is seriously working to modernize traffic signaling system. Keeping this in view, the digital traffic signaling system has been introduced.

Giving the details of the new system, Mr. Rao told that under this system, “signaling activated stop line” has been setup. LED has been installed. On the road, green and red lights could be clearly seen during the day time too.

If any commuter jumps the signal, CCTV cameras can record this violation easily.

He further told that with the introduction of this new system, the incidents of signal jumping could be reduced.

It has been introduced on an experimental basis. In the second phase, this system will be introduced at Jubilee Hills Check Post.

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