Hyderabad drowns in garbage, residents express disgust

Hyderabad: The roads of Shaheen Nagar have become a sight of overflowing garbage and sewage making it unbearable for the residents to even breathe. School children are forced to walk through glutted roads of garbage and sewage water flowing recklessly throughout the day.

The residents of Shaheen Nagar have been complaining about the far gone situation since years but the officials fail to take account of it every single time.

Apart from the stench overflowing gutter, garbage has been toiled up, dumped recklessly, making it a breeding spot for mosquitoes says Mohammed Yusuf, a resident of Shaheen Nagar.

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Residents are complaining about the children playing grounds that have now become a local dumping yard. They have also complained of the garbage not being collected every day.

“Only fake promises had been made to us at the time of elections and now that everything is over we still continue to live in this disgust everyday” says a resident of Shaheen Nagar.

It is a huge concern for parents as children on their way to school have to walk through these miserable roads. There have been regular complaints about children suffering from diseases like dengue, malaria due to the resulting conditions of Shaheen Nagar.

Despite the reckless behavior of officials, appeal is being made continuously to the GHMC to inspect the matter and take actions at the earliest.


The situation of the roads in Kakatiya Nagar has been deteriorating. Despite complaints being made since the year 2013 to the respected constituency, officials have failed to show any sort of change.

Residents said the roads have funds sanctioned and despite regular complains about the conditions; MLA Maganthi Gopinath and Corporater Shafi were not even bothered to look at it.

“The area (Neredmet) lies nearShreya Hospital, having roads filled with dirty sewage water continuously near hospitals especially is pathetic” – Helping Guide.


Due to negligence of civic body officials in Mallepally, the commuters and residents are facing trouble. Garbage and plastic has been dumped carelessly on the pavements.

Residents have also observed loiters regularly around late night hours till early morning at walking grounds, polluting the surroundings by littering, smoking at the walking grounds for the elderly.

“Garbage is not being removed from these places since weeks and it becomes very suffocating to have an early morning walk in such environment. Walking grounds are the last places we expect some maintenance and neatness. It will be very difficult for us to live even if places as such are not maintained and cleaned,” said an elderly resident of Mallepally.

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