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Hyderabad: GHMC to hold a special drive for collecting scrap

Hyderabad: GHMC to hold a special drive for collecting scrap

Hyderabad: A Special drive is going to be conducted by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to collect scrap and disposable material from the citizens in Hyderabad from 3rd to 12th November, 2019.

In order to avoid throwing the waste material in the nalas and drains causing clogging and consequent flooding low lying areas during rains,  and it has become a challenge for the GHMC to get the drains desilted and maintained. As such, it is proposed to take up special drive to collect like scrap material / disposal items like broken chairs, tables, mattress, cots and other condemned articles.

The drive is intended not only to collect the disposable articles and condemned materials from the household but also to sensitize them that such practices should be stopped forthwith to prevent inconvenience and other serious implications in the rainy season.

Earlier a special drive conducted to collect the plastic material where nearly 150 metric tons plastic waste material collected as such, there is not much stagnation of water on roads due to recent heavy rains and the water receded in due course without much clogging with plastic materials.  

To sensitize on special drive, GHMC involving voluntary organizations, Residential Welfare Societies, Self Help Groups who can facilitate collection of these  items from the public. For wide publicity GHMC to take public announcement / Beat of Drum and through local representatives as well as Sanitation staff.

In this regard, the GHMC Commissioner Lokesh Kumar, instructed the Zonal Commissioners to personally prepare an action plan, monitor and submit report on daily basis.

Further the, Commissioner, appealed all the citizens to keep ready with the waste material and hand over them to the GHMC and help in keeping the City clean.  

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