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Hyderabad lawyer serves notice to Twitter on messages against Muslims

Hyderabad lawyer serves notice to Twitter on messages against Muslims

Hyderabad: Delhi’s Nizamuddin Markaz Congregation has turned into a deadly circus being played with the COVID theme. The Twitterati has gone way beyond to target, degrade and turn Muslims into enemies of the nation.

This is public humiliation of a community is against the Guidelines of the World Health Organization. Taking this mainstream and social media onslaught against the minority community a lawyer from Hyderabad has issued notices to Cabinet Secretary, Union Home Secretary and Police under “Public Interest” seeking direction against Twitter Social Networking Service to stop the publishing tweets.

Khaja Aijazuddin in his public interest notice contended that many users on the “Twitter” have projected the issue of Nizamuddin Congregation, Delhi, as something inimical done by Muslims against the country.  What is trending on the twitter is simply dangerous, he said.

Giving examples of the trend he said it is being called Jihad. #Islamiccoronavirus jihaad, #Coronajihaad, #Tablighijamaat, #Nizamuddinidiots, etc. are being called out.  In many cases, it is directly pointing out the finger at one particular community which is Muslim.  It is totally against or contrary to the Guidelines issued by the WHO, Dated 18.03.2020, he added.

“The trending on twitter, also more particularly against the secular fabric of the country as mandated under Indian Constitution and the trend which is spread on the Twitter Social Service may result in disturbing the communal harmony of this Country,” said Khaja Aijazuddin. 

The Lawyer has sought concerned authorities to immediately direct the Twitter Social Networking Service to stop the publishing or availability of the tweets and take action against the users. The Twitterati is largely are expressing hatred in the name of religion by criticism. The TSNS, an interim measure, block all hate-mongering messages forthwith. Failing which, he said, the current trend may result in legal action against Twitter.

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