Hyderabad police arrest 2 for selling drugs, 7 for consumption

Many of the customers are from fairly good background

Hyderabad: Two drug peddlers were arrested along with their customers in separate incidents in the city here on Thursday.

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In the first incident, one drug peddler named K Sreeram was arrested by the Hyderabad Narcotic Enforcement Wing (H-NEW) and Jubilee Hills police. He was arrested along with his customer, 29-year-old S. Deepak Kumar Jadhav, who works as a customer service executive.

According to the police, Sreeram started learning the process of making drugs through internet. He purchased the needed materials through Amazon, India Mart and laboratories and started extracting DMT (dimethyltryptamine) or Changa (a blend of dimethyltryptamine mixed with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor) at his resident in Kondapur. Subsequently he started selling the drugs for Rs 8,000 per gram.

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On a tip off, the H-NEW along with Jubilee Hills police officials arrested Sreeeam during one of his business meets near Road No.36, Jubilee Hills. Eight grams of DMT or Changa and one mobile phone was seized from him.

Upon investigations Sreeram mentioned the name of one of his customer S. Deepak Kumar Jadhav who was also arrested. They have been handed over to Jubilee Hills police station for further investigations.

In another incident, 27-year-old Prem Upadhya was arrested along with his customers named Ramakrishna (a software employee), Nikhil Joshua (a guitar teacher) and Jeevan Reddy (student).

On a tip off, officials from the H-NEW and Nallakunta police arrested Prem when he was trying to sell hash oil, LSD blots and ecstasy pills at a vegetable market, Nallakunta. Upon investigations it was revealed that the customers were regular at buying drugs from Prem.

According to police officials, 6 LSD blots, 10 ecstasy pills, 100 grams of hash oil and 4 mobile phones were seized from him. A case has been registered and further investigations are on.

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