Hyderabad Police issue rules to hotels, pubs for NY celebrations

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Commissioner of Police, has issued guidelines to the management of three star and above hotels, clubs, and pubs with regards to the New year celebrations on the intervening night of December 31 and January 1 up to 1 AM (midnight).

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The applicant (hotel/pub/club owner) should apply to the Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad for a grant of temporary amusement license to the undersigned well in advance i.e. at least 2 days before the night.


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As per the GO Ms No 327, dated, December 25 of the GAD department the following conditions shall be followed involving a congregation of people.

i. The organizers and management shall ensure that Physical distancing is maintained within the venue.

ii. The organizers and managements shall ensure that No person without a mask shall be allowed in the venue.

iii. The organizers and managements shall ensure that IR thermometers/thermal scanners should be arranged at the entry point to scan persons entering the venue.

The organizers shall ensure that nobody shall be permitted without the production of either electronic or physical certificate of both doses of vaccination.

The Licensee should personally and responsibly ensure that passes/tickets/coupons should not be Sold/issued/given in excess of the capacity which violates Covid protocols and social distancing in view of safety of all.

As per the G.O. No. 82. Dt. 11-04-2021 of GAD a fine of Rs. 1,000/- for not wearing of mask by people in public spaces will be imposed.

In the recent reporting of the omicron variant, the organizers shall ensure the following in addition to the regular Covid guidelines:

i. All the necessary steps should be taken by the organizers to ensure that the attendees/invitees are well aware of relevant information, regulations and restriction, in vogue, beforehand. Regular announcements/ visual display arrangements can be made, to that effect, at the venue.

ii. Engage more staff and stewards at the higher-risk areas where crowds are likely to form, such as concession stands/bars, toilets, lifts, corridors, walkways and entry/exit points and at standing performances for proper adherence to the covid norms.

iii. All the staff and Organizers, present at the venue should be tested negative for COVID-19 in the last 48 hours.

The organizer shall ensure to provide surgical masks to all the persons at the venue and shall provide sanitisers/hand rub of prescribed norms and specifications.

The organizer shall ensure that the premises and potentially contaminated areas should be cleaned and disinfected before the start of the program.

Proper COVID appropriate hygiene shall be ensured for all the edible items and cutlery etc.

All these conditions are subject to COVID Pandemic Rules and Guidelines in vogue and as per the Disaster Management Act, 2005 or which may be announced subsequently i.e., in force as on that date.

The rules are as follows:

DJ is not allowed in outdoor events.

The sound of the Musical Event shall not be heard beyond the premises, any complaints from the neighbours will be treated seriously.

The noise levels laid under Central Pollution Control Board which is 45 decibels shall be strictly followed.

The singers should not go into the crowd but shall be in a separate earmarked place.

No vulgarity or obscene dressing or obscene dances should be allowed.

The Licensee shall be responsible for preventing the use of Drugs & Psychotropic substances by the participants in the event or in the premises. If the managements fail to prevent the same, it will lead to the culpability of management and action will be taken as per law.

Organizers should pay special attention to parking areas & other places where drugs are clandestinely sold. This may be taken seriously by the licensee that it shall be their sole responsibility to prevent Drug Abuse in the premises and stern criminal and penal action will follow.

Under Section 74 of the City Police Act, 1348 F, the Manager of any place of public entertainment, knowingly allows such place to be used for the purpose of drinking or disorderly behaviour or gambling shall be punished.

As per AP Public Safety (Measures) Enforcement Act, 2013, the licensee shall ensure that CCTV Cameras with recording facility is installed at all the entry, exit points of the establishment covering 50 yards of the streets in front of the establishment. CCTV Cameras shall also be installed with recording facilities at parking places.

The responsibility and liability for any loss/damage, nuisance etc. life and property as a sequel to the programme being conducted shall solely be of the licensee and any contravention will lead to criminal prosecution besides cancellation of licence in future.

  • The Licensee should follow the instructions issued by the Police Officers on duty from time to time:This doesn’t confer any special privilege to the Licensee to claim the right to keep establishment open subsequently at any time.
  • Orderliness to be maintained by organizer inside the venue.
  • They should not serve liquor beyond the hours permitted by Excise Department vide memo No.33833/Ex.II(1)/2021-1 dt:28.12.21and Liquor should not be served to the minors.
  • No minors to be permitted in programmes organized for couples.
  • Writing on the walls to advertise the show is prohibited.
  • The organizers are warned not to display of fireworks or allow any fire arms at the venue of event.
  • Instructions of the District Fire Officer/Regional Fire Officer should be complied with.
  • Any act which is likely to cause disturbance or adversely affect public safety or create hatred between different classes of people or cause injury to the religious feelings of any person or body of persons is prohibited.
  • There should not be any dangerous display or exhibition which is likely to cause danger or loss to the public.
  • None of the spectators should be allowed to indulge in drunkenness or misbehavior. The licensee shall be personally responsible to ensure that such behavior doesn’t occur in the premises.
  • It should be the responsibility of the Management to ensure that the above conditions are strictly implemented any violation of the above conditions may result in prosecution and/or cancellation of the license.
  • No live band should be conducted in Bars & Restaurants.
  • Liability for any loss, damage, nuisance etc. life and property as a sequel to functioning of the establishment will rest with the applicant.

Traffic Conditions:

  • The Licensee should ensure parking of all vehicles inside the premises of establishment. He should not allow parking on the main road.
  • The Licensee should appoint adequate number of security guards and brief them on systematic parking inside premises and also to regulate Traffic in front of the entry and exit gates and also to take proper security measures inside the venue.
  • There should be separate gates for entry and for exit.

It is the responsibility of the Management of Pubs/Bars to make necessary arrangements to provide Drivers/Cabs to the customers who are in drunken state to reach their destinations safely.

  • The concept of “designated driver for a day” who can safely take home co-passengers without himself/herself indulging in drinking beyond limit to be explained to the customers as well as displayed at prominent places for their safety.

Advisory to be displayed by managements of Bars and Restaurants, Pubs, Star Hotels at entrance and inside:

(a) Drunk driving is an offence U/s 185 M.V. Act and as per section 185 (A) of M.V. Act.

(b) Limit is 30 mg/100 ml of blood i.e., 30 micrograms/100 ml of blood. Anything above that, as recorded by a Breath Analyzer is a violation.

(c) If you are found driving the vehicle in the drunken condition a case will be booked against you by the Police.

(d) In such case, if any person with a valid Driving License accompanies you he has to undergo a breath test. If found not inebriated, the vehicle will be given to him, otherwise, the vehicle will be shifted to the Police Station for temporary custody.

(e) The customers (respondent) will have to come to the Police Station next working day along with the Original Driving License and Registration Certificate of the vehicle and take back the vehicle.

Whenever police summons, you should attend the court and the police will file a Charge sheet against you.

(f) Following Punishment can be awarded:

  • The penalty for Drunken driving is Rs. 10,000 and/or 6 months imprisonment.
  • Driving License will be suspended for 3 months and above or permanently.

(g) Minors should not drive the vehicle and owners will be held responsible.

(h) Silencers of two-wheelers should not be removed and noise pollution should be avoided.

(i) Customers are also informed that driving their vehicles in Over Speed, dangerous driving and racing in public places will also be punishable under sections 183, 184.

(j) She teams are everywhere so anyone indulging in crime against women will be strictly dealt by law.
The person in whose name the licence has been issued contravenes the terms and conditions mentioned in the licence or evade its compliance or is convicted of any offence relating to the licence, the Commissioner of Police shall have power under section 84 of the City Police Act 1348 F, to suspend or cancel the licence.

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