Hyderabad: School teachers turn to daily labour jobs amid pandemic

Hyderabad: Amid coronavirus pandemic, teachers of private school located in Hyderabad are left with no option but to turn to daily labour job.

Fall in revenue

Due to the pandemic, parents of the students are not in a position to pay school fees. This has led to drastic fall in the revenue of the schools.

Citing the fall in revenue, school managements are either asking teachers to search for another job or paying 50 percent of the salaries.

Daily labour jobs

In order to fulfill the daily needs, teachers are turning to daily labour jobs.

Some of them are even forced to borrow money at very high interest rates.

Madhusdhan, the general secretary of Telangana Recognized School Management Association (TRSMA) said that managements of the schools are not able to give salaries of the teachers as parents of children are not in a position to pay school fees.

Shabbir Ali, State President, Telangana Private Teachers Forum (TPTF) said that around 1.5 lakhs teachers are employed in over 6500 private schools in Hyderabad. They are opting for odd jobs as school managements are not paying salaries, he added.

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