Hyderabad: Sorcery at its peak, gullible people targeted

Hyderabad:  The number of tantrik, babas, and aamils who practice witchcraft, black magic, and sorcery is once again increasing in twin cities which is a cause of great concern. 

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In the past, due to the police action, the witchcraft practitioners were purged from many areas of the city.  But tantrik, babas and aamils have started their activities once again in different slum areas of the city where most of the population is illiterate. The people of such areas fear these sorcerers.

Many burkha-clad women also visit these black magic practicing tantriks, babas and aamils who fool them to extort money and even exploit them sexually sometimes.

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These so-called tantriks, babas and aamils are fraudsters who often resort to trickery aimed at conflating falsehood with the rational association of causes and effects. They are master illusionists who exaggerate normal issues faced by the people to create false illusions that they are under the spell of some magic and need exorcism.

There is no place for superstition in Islam as its belief holds that Muslims should rely on Allah (SWT) alone to keep them safe from sorcery and malicious spirits.

The Qur’an considers black magic, witchcraft, and sorcery as evil and the handiwork of Satan and therefore strictly forbidden.  According to the Islamic belief, “the one who resorts to sorcery truly associates other deities with Allah” which is tantamount to “Shirk” and “Kufr” in Islam.  It reflects disbelief in Allah and reliance on satanic rituals. The prohibition includes fortune tellers and magicians.

The sorcerer often resorts to irrational and impermissible means which can put the very  belief (Imaan) of a Muslim at stake.

Since the black magic being practiced by tantriks, babas and aamils is a grave sin in Islam and hence those who seek their help are also sinners.  

It is the duty of the Muslim Scholars and Khateebs of mosques to create awareness in Muslim masses – especially among Muslim women –  to make them stay away from these dubious tantriks, babas and aamils.

It is also high time for the city police to take strict action against these sorcerers and witchcraft practitioners to save gullible people from their clutches.

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