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Hyderabad: Special offer on Fiefia Vurqa Wash in Numaish

Skin Hogi Pimple Free Jab Burqa Hoga Germ-Free, Wash With Fiefia Vurqa Wash

Hyderabad: Special offer on Fiefia Vurqa Wash in Numaish

In Islam, hijab is most important for women. Muslim women observe hijab in her day-to-day life.

The Fiefia Vurqa Wash is launched to protect your hijab, stole and make them germ-free, shiny hijab.

When someone wears burqa for a long time then they May get skin problems like rashes, pimples.

Normally people use shampoos to wash their burqa which is mild and can’t be able to remove the germs from the fibre.

To overcome all these problems the Fiefia Vurqa Wash had launched. This product is made only for burqa which not only protects your burqa’s fibre and colour but also removes the germs from your burqa.

It is available in 2 variants: Golden Sparkle and Diamond Sparkle.

It is made based on international standards. This can be used for all types of burqas’ and also for party-wear suits.

This product is available in all the stores of Himalaya Book Well, and it can be ordered online at fiefia.shop.

Customer care contact number: 9490201101

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