Hyderabad: TSRTC begins baby trolley services at MGBS

Hyderabad: Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) has started a baby trolley service at Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station for the convenience of women passengers carrying luggage and travelling with children simultaneously.

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Speaking to ANI, Vara Prasad Ranga Reddy, Regional Manager, TSRTC said as the bus station is very huge, it gets difficult for elderly and women to carry children along with luggage to the platform therefore TSRTC has started the service.

There are two major bus stations in Hyderabad. “We started a free battery buggy from the main road to the entrance of Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station (MGBS),” said Reddy.

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The decision is taken for the convenience of women carrying small kids and infants, depending upon the use of the existing troller, a further two or three trolleys will be introduced, he noted.

Reddy further informed that the similar trolley will be started in another bus station also. Many initiatives are being taken up by RTC, particularly for women and the elderly as per the instruction of the managing director.

“We request people to use this facility and we will also get encouraged to introduce many more initiatives,” Reddy said.

Monika, a passenger travelling from Hyderabad to Suryapet expressed her gratitude to TSRTC for starting this initiative.

“Felt really happy for the initiative, carrying child and luggage is difficult while travelling, now it becomes handy carrying a child in the trolley,” said Monika.

Another passenger Vijay Kumar appreciated the trolley service and said, “We can easily drag the trolleys with the kids and our luggage. It is a very good initiative by RTC.”

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