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If Trump dies of Corona, will believe in god: Atheist Texas prof

When confronted, he said he’s being misinterpreted.

If Trump dies of Corona, will believe in god: Atheist Texas prof
Photo: US President Donald Trump/ AFP

WASHINGTON: Atheist Texas Tech University Professor Richard Wigmans said that he will start believing in God — if the United States president Donald Trump dies of, with a horrible untimely death.

In an emailed memo to his colleagues last week, Wigmans, according to a report by Campus Reform, suggested that he consider renouncing his atheism if Trump died after contracting the coronavirus.

“I am personally an atheist “but if #45 would die as a result of this virus, I might reconsider,” wrote Wigmans. 

When confronted by Campus Reform about the claimed, the J.F. Bucy chair professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at TTU said that his email is being misinterpreted. 

“This is a statement about myself, not about someone else…I have distributed some emails to my colleagues in which I provide a scientist’s perspective on the available COVID-19 data, and use the observed trends to make some predictions.”

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