If we do not correct our policies, future generations will not forgive us: Manoj Jha

Hyderabad: Prof. Manoj Jha, Member of Rajya Sabha, Known for his emotional speeches, yet again spoke from his heart in the session of Rajya Sabha last week.

“Nobody can claim that they have not lost anyone whom they knew,” Prof. Jha said referring to the Covid-19 deaths in the country. “Today, I am not speaking as a party member.  I am speaking on behalf of all those who lost their near and dear ones due to pandemic.  In the beginning, I would like to tender my apology for all those who lost their lives,” Jha said.

“Since the session of the Parliament was not running, I wrote six articles regarding the Corona deaths in the country which were even appreciated by my friends in BJP.  It was for the first time in the annuls of the Parliament’s history that it had to read 50 obituaries in its session,” Jha said.

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Citing the death of MP’s Jha said, “It was not the age of Rajeev Satav to go.  It was not the age of Raghunath Mahapatra – who was always cheerfully greeting me with ‘Jai Jagannath’ – to go.”

“We collectively have to tender our apology to all those corpses which were floating in Ganga.  People were calling me to arrange oxygen for their relatives thinking that being an MP I may help them.  When I look at my success rate at the end of the day it was only 2 or 3 percent”, Jha said.

Prof. Jha admitted that prior to the crisis, he did not have much knowledge about medicines and how oxygen is crucial in life saving.  “Coming from a non medical background I had to learn proper pronunciation of the medicine like Remdesivir,” Jha said.

About all those who fell prey to the Corona pandemic, Jha said “They left living documents about our collective failure right from 1947 till today.”

“Whenever I went out I see Government’s advertisement proclaiming free ration, free medicines and free treatment,” Jha said regarding the Government’s initiative in helping the poor during the pandemic.  “It is a welfare state and so whenever a poor villager purchases a soap detergent he pays taxes to the government and hence he is an stake holder equivalent to Adani and Ambani in this welfare state and so please do not denigrate him,” Jha said.

Recalling deaths during the second wave of Corona Jha said, “The country passed that one and half months like a nightmare.  People say it’s a failure of system.  What is system?  There is a government behind every system and there is a person behind every government who makes the system. If there is a failure of system in a village or in a city then the governments of that village or that city is responsible for the failure,” Jha said.

Speaking about the floating dead bodies in Ganga, Jha said, “We need dignity in life and we need more dignity in death.” “If we do not correct our policies, the future generation will not forgive us,” Prof. Jha concluded his emotional speech. 

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