Indian Muslims and Marriages

Syed Nayeemullah
The author is based in Gulbaraga.

Indian Muslims demonstrated their majority when their most beloved Ramadan was celebrate with less rigor in spite of it being watered down. Even though shops were opened a week before the festival, they did not flock to them and splurge on clothes. Instead they focused on charity and donations for the needy while paying no heed to religion and caste. The media with its axe to grind against Muslims, was just waiting for them to indulge in the annual Ramadan and Eid shopping in droves.

However, Muslims robbed them of that opportunity and made well with watered-down festivities. These are some signs that the community can undertake such acts of simplicity as prescribed by the Prophet rather than partake in indulgence.

Yet, the community needs major reforms to attain the heights it once had. Every Indian Muslim needs proper guidance and followers are ready to tread this path of reform.

In order to achieve a better future and to deal with society, we need to shift the responsibility towards intellectuals and leaders while also finding key issues hindering our development. Topics can range from education, raising children, dealing with family problems, finding intelligent children in the society, guiding the younger generation, proper distribution and last — but certainly not the least — marriage.

In our society, most families were dealing with a variety of issues that did not benefit the next generation. Nor did it benefit the family or society.
And what better time than now to deal with it?

Marriage is a very important facet of life and it is carried out with great pomp and circumstance in the presence of relatives, friends and society’s leaders. It is not hard to see the problems arising between couples and their families. These problems affect their lives and waste precious time and even affect their jobs and businesses.

That I am trying to convey is that we need to create an institution that teaches young people how to live after marriage. This course should include responsibilities in view of religion and in terms of society. The training should be kept mandatory for both gender and the certificate must be submitted at the time of entering into a marriage contract.

This will help both genders to understand the consequences of their actions that go both ways. It reduces the tension in the recent marriages and strengthens our society. We need to bridge the gap of understanding between couples and families; otherwise our generations will have to pay the price. Everyone needs to understand the limits and responsibilities within the family and society.

This process includes identifying the evils and removing obstacles that stand in the way of growth and to shine. Through marriage two families were bound together and we need to recognize the power that comes from this bond rather than veering towards conflict.

The purpose of society is not only to gather at weddings or funerals, but to play a role in developing a generation.

If there was a mistake in penning these thoughts, please forgive me and may Allah give me the right way to live. Ameen.

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