Indian Muslims for Progress and Reforms – IMPAR Launched

We are pleased to announce the formation of Indian Muslims for Progress and Reforms – IMPAR. Originally conceptualized as Indian Muslims for India First, IMPAR is a body of 200 plus prominent members of the Muslim community of India, formed to put forward the voice of progressive and modern Muslims who comprise a majority of the community but are often unable to find the platform to express their constructive views to the nation.

We understand that there are many perils that have kept a large section of the Muslim community lagging behind their non-Muslim brothers and sisters. Lack of modern education, an orthodox mindset and a perceived sense of insecurity has kept them out of the mainstream for a long time. Our aim is to work within the community to encourage a modern, scientific, nationalistic and forward-looking outlook towards life.

We will strive to work with the intellectual and thought leaders of all communities and represent the voices of educated and modern outlook Muslims of the country in the public domain. We also strive to promote the cosmopolitan, pluralistic and secular fabric of India by culturally engaging with all communities. We hope that our sustained efforts at the grassroots level will bring about a constructive change for the community and the nation.

The Muslim community in India has been at the center of a lot of negative news as well. Due to poor education and limited exposure to the modern world and to India’s pluralistic social and cultural ethics ethos, a large section of the community lacked in rationale thinking and scientific temperament to adjust to the situations and challenges. IMIF plans to chalk out the strategies to educate them and help the poor access modern education and inculcate shared cultural values and contribute strongly to the nation-building efforts.

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Majority of representation on TV and Print Media is from either religious-political leaders with a vested interest

In recent days, it has been observed that the media engagement of the Muslim community has been poor and represented by clergy or semi-literate people, engaging irrationally in discussions and presenting imbalanced views. As a result, the community’s voice and concerns could not be presented or articulated and a wrong narrative and negative perceptions built over a period of time. IMPAR would like to share its Panel of eminent persons to help the media to have more informed discussions.

Mobilising the Community to fight against pandemic

In the current circumstances of a countrywide lockdown, our immediate goal is to mobilize the community to assist the health administration, law enforcement and other government agencies in the fight against this pandemic. IMPAR through its various Working Groups and important members is coordinating with various community NGOs, institutions and individuals to work among the stranded people with food and other necessities and also liberally donate to PM Care Funds and other charitable bodies.

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We have set out to correct several longstanding problems. The road ahead looks long and tedious. Hence, we seek the help and cooperation of all the people of our country.

With best compliment.
Dr. MJ Khan

About Indian Muslims for Progress and Reforms (IMPAR)

Muslims constitute a large segment of those Indians who continue to suffer due to lack of proper education and ability to access social and economic opportunities. Any positive change in the condition of the community is possible only by initiating internal reforms, adopting modern outlook and doing and community service on one hand and favourable social and political environment, and enabling access to educational and economic opportunities on the other hand.

The barriers to access and equity faced by Muslims require a better understanding by the Government, media, thought leaders and political class for which a research, dialogue and policy advocacy forum needed to be created by the community.

Promoted by 200 plus Muslims from different walks of life such as politics, bureaucracy, education, business, science, media, art and films etc., and originally started as Indian Muslims for India First, IMPAR looks forward to your cooperation and support in making a meaningful difference to the community’s engagement with the society and the nation.

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