International Tiger day—The number of tigers has doubled in 12 years

Here are twenty facts one may know on this international tiger’s day

New Delhi: This International Tiger’s day has good news for all — the number of tigers has doubled in 12 years. 

According to the report by Union Minister Prakash Javadekar, India is a home for 75% of the world’s tiger population. “In 1973, there were just nine tiger reserves which have now increased to 50. It is important to know that none of these reserves are of poor quality. Either they are good or the best,” said Prakash Javadekar. 

An Indian tiger in the wild. Royal ,Bengal tiger

As per ‘Status of Tigers, Co-predators & Prey in India’ report total big cat population in India stands at 2,967 as compared to 1,400 in 2014. As per estimates, India is home to 75% of the world’s tiger population.

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The highest number of tigers in the country are in Uttarakhand’s famous wildlife sanctuary Jim Corbett with 231 tigers followed by Nagarhole in Karnataka with 127. Bandipur, also in Karnataka is home to 126 tigers while Bandhavgarh in MP and Kaziranga in Assam both hold 104 tigers each.

Tigers are often looked at as being one of the most beautiful yet ferocious animals and perhaps this is a sole driving factor that makes them even more interesting, creatures. But sadly, they have come to the verge of being categorized as endangered, thanks to human sloppiness and prudence.

While the world is celebrating International Tigers day today—July 29. 

Here are some amazing facts about Tigers: 

  • Tigers are the largest amongst other wild cats
  • A punch from a Tiger may kill you
  • Tigers are nocturnal animals
  • Tiger cubs are born blind and only half of the cubs survive
  • Tigers love to swim and play in the water
  • Tigers live for about 25 years
  • A group of Tigers is called an ambush or streak
  • Tigers can mate with other big cats
  • Tigers have antiseptic saliva
  • Tigers can sprint at over 60 kilometers/hour
  • Tiger stripes are also found on their skin
  • Tigers rarely roar and are humble towards their group
  • Tigers urine smells like buttered popcorn
  • Tigers prefer to hunt by ambush
  • Tigers are solitary creatures
  • Tigers have a diverse diet
  • Tigers can imitate the call of other animals
  • Tigers do not normally view humans as prey
  • A Tiger’s penis does not erect even when aroused

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