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Islam is the religion of Humanity: Gen VK Singh

Islam is the religion of Humanity: Gen VK Singh
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New Delhi: General VK Singh said that Islam is the religion of humanity.

Attending an event ‘Seerat-un-Nabi’ as Chief Guest, Mr. Singh said that teaching of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is not limited to the Muslims but for the entire world. ‘Islam did not get restricted to Makkah and Madina rather it had spread across the world’, he added.

Speaking further on the spread of Islam, Mr. Singh said that the religion had spread due to the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Islam is the religion of peace

Meanwhile, Union Minister, Mr. Patel said that Islam is the religion of peace.

It may be mentioned that the event was held at the Indo-Islamic Cultural Center.

Maulana Kalbe said that Islam is not a 1400-year-old religion rather it is the religion that came into existence along with the world. Muslims believe that Adam (AS) is the first and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is the last prophet. The Quran is the last religious book to be revealed by Allah (SWT).

Status of women in Islam

Talking about the status of women in Islam, Prof. Akhtar ul Wasey said that the religion has given all rights and respect. Islam never put any restrictions on women.

Supporting his claim, he said that Hazrat Khatija used to do business even after the marriage with Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). He further that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) used to stand up to welcome the daughter.

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