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With Jagan winning polls poor from Rayalaseema hope for better days

With Jagan winning polls poor from Rayalaseema hope for better days

Hyderabad: A large number of labors and fruit sellers in Hyderabad are from Rayalaseema. Since the news of Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy sweeping the polls in Andhra Pradesh trickled in on May 23 there is excitement in the air. They have been holding celebrations. But these celebrations are also tinged with sadness. They recall that they have to leave their homes in Rayalaseema region and travel to Hyderabad to eke out a livelihood.

Sistema, a fruit seller, speaking to Sisat.com in her accented Hyderabadi said, “There is no rain, no water. The farming activity is down. We don’t know how and where to earn. That is the reason we have come to Hyderabad…We hope with Jagan in power, things would change. Next year we may not have to come to Hyderabad. Please, pray for us.”

T Laxmi, another fruit seller, from Anantapur district claims, “My family is dependent on me. I earn by selling fruits. We manage to live. In our region joblessness among educated men is very high. Both my sons have cleared high school but they are jobless for the past four years. All our hopes are with Y.S. Jagan. He has promised employment. We believe, he would keep his promises.”

by Mohammed Hussain

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