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JDU leader RCP Singh loses temper on party’s U-turn

JDU leader RCP Singh loses temper on party’s U-turn

Patna: JD(U) MP Ram Chandra Prasad Singh on Saturday lost his temper when he was grilled by media on the U-turn his party had taken on the Centre’s decisions on Jammu and Kashmir and on the triple talaq bill.

“When there is no Article 370 in Kashmir now, then what is the need to cry over it,” he shot back at reporters who questioned him on the party.s stand.

“In both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, our party declared our stand. The discussion took place and the bill to revoke Article 370 was passed. You should have a basic knowledge that once a law is made then as per the Constitution everyone has to abide by it,” he said at a press conference.

Similarly, on the triple talaq Bill, Singh said, “You should have known then what our leaders were saying in Parliament.”

“We protested against the triple talaq bill and walked out in the parliament. I repeat that once a law is passed then as per the Constitution every citizen has to abide by it.”

On being asked whether it was a U-turn by the JD(U) on these issues, Singh mocked the reporter asking, “Do you know at what number the letter U comes?”
The JD(U) had originally opposed the decision but staged a walk out when the measures on J and K were put to vote in parliament. A couple of days ago, Singh had justified the government’s measures on the ground Parliament has approved them.

After Singh’s press conference, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) today hit out at JDU leader by tweeting a clipping of the video in which the RCP Singh could be seen agitated while answering about party’s stand on Article 370 and Triple talaq Bill.

Earlier on August 6, Janata Dal (United) had walked out of the Lok Sabha after party leader Rajiv Ranjan “Lalan” Singh said that they do not support interfering with the special status granted to Jammu and Kashmir.

“We would have supported the government’s decision had they brought strict laws to counter-terrorism. Our party does not support interfering with the special status granted to K mmu and Kashmir.

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