Kapda Bank: An initiative to help poor

Hyderabad: Debating on a topic is not enough, practical steps have to be taken to achieve goals. This has exactly been done by the Siasat daily in cooperation with the Faiz-e-Aam trust and Helping Hands by setting up Kapda Bank. 

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“The Kapda Bank initiative was launched by a woman living in Canada,”  the managing editor of Siasat Daily Zaheeruddin Ali Khan said. “This good samaritan lady was working in BSNL before moving to Canada after completing medicines from Gandhi Medical College. There, she set up a charity organization under the name ‘Fi Sabeelillah’ and sent 8 to 10 containers of good quality used clothes to Hyderabad to be distributed among poor people.”

Speaking on completion of 6 years of Kapda Bank operation from Abid Ali Khan Eye Hospital building, Khan said the good quality used clothes are being distributed among the poor and needy people.

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Khan said that used medical equipments are not being sent to any countries from Europe but in spite of that a gentleman by name Arvind Acharya sent 20 dialysis machines to this organization. Six dialysis machines were donated to Mahavir Hospital and using other machines, dialysis centers were set up in many districts.

“Siasat daily also runs a question bank since 1996 in consultation with education experts and retired DEOs to provide question papers for free to boys and girls students of 10th class. After this initiative, the pass percentage among the Muslim students has increased,” Khan said.

Khan also spoke about English speaking centers where American pronunciation is being taught. 

Shedding light on helping communal riots victims, Khan said that Siasat not only publishes such news but also appeals to the readers to help riot victims. “In 11 such cases about Rs 1.40 crore were credited directly into the accounts of the victims after Siasat published their bank details.”

The riot victims are usually poor people who cannot prosecute the perpetrators. The Siasat daily not only helped them but also encouraged them to fight legal cases and as a result, perpetrators in 11 cases out of 17 were indicted in Jharkhand.

The honorary guest of the ceremony Mrs Chhaya Ratan expressed her happiness over the setting up of Kapda Bank and she lauded the initiative taken by the officials of this organization. 

The chief guest Jaswin Jeerat during his address said that all those connected with Kapda Bank are to be congratulated.

Secretary Faizan-e-Aam trust Iftekhar Hussain apprised the details of Kapda Bank operation which not only working in Hyderabad but in other districts and backward areas in an organized manner.  The details of stock distribution and all other details are being recorded properly. He appealed to all those who wish to help to donate good quality used clothes and furniture to Kapda Bank.

The managing director of helping hands Shaukat Ali Mirza shed light on the six year performance of Kapda Bank.  “Those who come from abroad to marry girls in Hyderabad order costly bridal dresses which they use just for the occasion. By seeing the popularity of Kapda Bank they started donating such bridal clothes,” Mirza said.

The used clothes were distributed among the poor on the occasion by the guests.

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