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KCR deceived Dalits: G.Vivek

KCR deceived Dalits: G.Vivek

Hyderabad: Former Congress M.P. Mr. G.Vivek who left Congress and joined BJP alleged that Mr. KCR deceived Dalits.

In his election campaign, he had made a promise that he would appoint a Dalit leader to be the CM of TS but after TRS got thumping majority, Mr. KCR himself became the CM of TS.

Mr. Vivek met BJP activists in Macherial and alleged that Govt. is implicating BJP workers in fake cases.

He also told that KCR is constructing new Secretariat building with an intention to make his son, KTR, CM of TS.

In this manner, he is acting like Mohammed bin Tughlak. He also alleged that he is wasting public funds in irrigation projects. Instead of extracting work from experienced engineers, he is wasting money by employing retired persons, Mr. Vivek alleged.

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