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Krishna Sagar Rao strongly criticized CM KCR

Krishna Sagar Rao strongly criticized CM KCR

Hyderabad: Mr. Krishna Sagar Rao BJP official spokesperson today strongly criticized the Chief Minister for desecrating an eminent Hindu Temple Yadadri by engraving his own pictures in the temple pillars which is shameful he said.

Stating that with unprecedented greed for political legacy, CM KCR has desecrated ‘Yadadri’, an eminent Hindu temple in Telangana State. Under any circumstance, BJP will not allow these carvings on the walls of Yadadri temple he said

KCR has stooped to an abysmal low for petty political expediency like no one in the history of Indian politics. Etching his own image, other political leaders images, party symbols, government schemes on Hindu temple pillars is an unforgivable act. It amounts to ‘desecrating a Hindu temple’.

Yadadri temple episode exposes KCR’s cheap antics for political outcomes. BJP stands vindicated of it’s an earlier accusation that his yagas and yajnas are purely for electoral appeasement and he has no respect for Hindu gods nor Hindu religion.

 BJP warns CM KCR with dire consequences if he doesn’t immediately take down those pillars and replace them with acceptable ones, as per the Hindu temple norms he added.

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