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Laxman attack on Rahul gandhi for his comment on BJP

Laxman attack on Rahul gandhi for his comment on BJP

Hyderabad: Dr. Laxman BJP State President today while criticizing the Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi for his comments against fighting the BJP and RSS with more vigour Dr. Laxman said that the BJP sympathized with Rahul Gandhi because if he leaves Congress BJP will be deprived of the publicity he gave to the BJP Party .

Addressing a press conference here today on the occasion of several leaders of the TDP TRS joining in the Party Dr. Laxman along with P Sudhakar Chintha Sambhamurthy Premender Reddy and others said that people saw through Rahul’s criticism of the BJP and in fact this fetched more popularity to the Party which will be missed henceforth on resignation of Rahul Gandhi as Party Chief.

Stating that speaking about Rahul Gandhi and Congress the less spoken the better it was he said that Congress was a sinking ship Dr. Laxman alleged that the Captain (Rahul Gandhi ) left the ship for others to die even as he ran for safety Dr. Laxman said that he sympathized with the Congress for this .

Dr. Laxman said that people have lost faith in Congress and that the Party has been reduced to a Indian National Corporate Congress or Indian National Caste Congress .He further alleged that Rahul was insulting the democratic verdict and should seek an apology

He also condemned the utterances of Rahul Gandhi that he would continue to fight the RSS and BJP with ten times more vigour and said that he was leaving the Presidentship and talking of fighting . Wondering how he would fight the BJP Dr. Laxman reminded Rahul Gandhi that RSS is a national cultural organization which works for the country . People have lost complete faith from Congress Several important Congress leaders and other leaders from different prties will join the BJP he added.

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