Lock Upp’s Mandana Karimi on her hometown Iran, ‘Do not want to be in a country that…’

Mandana also shared that she was made to watch her friends get lashed in the jail

Mumbai: Actress and model Mandana Karimi is currently inside Ekta Kapoor’s ongoing OTT reality show ‘Lock Upp’ that is being hosted by Kangana Ranaut. Mandana entered the show as a wild card contestant last week and has managing to entertain the audience with her own style of gameplay.

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The 33-year-old actress has been in news day 1 for various reasons. For the unversed, Mandana hails from Iran and has been working in India for quite some time now. She earlier participated in Bigg Boss Season 9, where she emerged as the second runner-up.

In one of the recent episodes of Lock Upp, she opened up about her horrific jail experience in Iran when she was arrested during a visit to her home country for allegedly being intoxicated.

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Speaking to her co-contestant Payal Rohatgi, Mandana Karimi recalled the incident and said, “I went back to Iran for my friend’s sister’s wedding. So, I missed the wedding and then we were all to go to Shomal. It is a place near Tehran. You know, like we go to Lonavala with friends here. So, we went there and in the villa, they had a bike. I love riding bikes so I was playing around with the bike. While riding it, I had an accident at a turn.”

“My knee was injured badly and the whole thing busted out. They had to put it all together and I was about to have a surgery. I could hear my friends talking and having full masti time as they waited for me to come out of the operation theatre. But, someone was watching us and realised ‘ye log ka kuch nasha hai (these people seem to be intoxicated)’. When we were changing clothes, we felt a kick on the door and a woman cop – fully covered – came with a man and asked us ‘get out’. I was like, ‘Dude, what happened?’ And, the guy who arrested us was one of the fellows who went to war,” added Mandana.

Mandana went on to share that she did not get punished because she was injured at the time and had undergone a surgery. But, she was made to watch her friends get lashed as a punishment.

“That was my jail experience. That is the reason I do not want to be in a country that treats its citizens like that,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, speaking about Lock Upp, currently the show has 11 contestants who in the race to win the trophy. The grand finale is likely to take place in the second week of May. Lock Upp streams on ALTBalaji and MX Player.

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