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Lockdown heroes–risking own lives to help others

Lockdown heroes–risking own lives to help others
Volunteers prepare food to be distributed among the needy, during the nationwide lockdown. Photo: PTI

Nihad Amani and Mohammed Hussain

Hyderabad: The corona pandemic has shaken up the souls. It has seriously affected the lives of the poor, homeless, daily wage earners, orphans and also others.

The unprecedented times have thrown up warriors who without fearing for their own lives are lending helping hands to fight the unprecedented situation. Several organizations, especially the NGOs and individuals have come out on roads to help the needy.

The country is facing a shortage of numerous essential things that include medical facilities to fight the pandemic. Taking this in consideration the Al Khair Foundation along with Helping Hand Foundation (HHF) have come together to run a #thankQdoc campaign, which has helped them mobilise resources for supplying PPEs (Private Protection Equipment). 

Over 200 PPEs worth Rs 5lakh, along with the sizeable quantity of gloves, N-95 face masks, and triple-layer masked have been donated by HHF to Gandhi and Osmania General Hospital.

Plus, HHF is also providing supplementary food like citrus fruits, dates, biscuits and water to two-level One, two COVID Centres on a daily basis for all COVID victims.

Many of them have discovered that money does not make one rich but a kind heart does. Showing this trait a poor farmer from Telangana has donated RS. 50,000 to the CM Relief Fund. This probably was all the savings he had.

The distribution of food and essentials is the result of sheer hard work and humanity; the NGOs and individuals had to collect finances and prepare the food or buy ration whichever was required.

The task before them is daunting. But the police restrictions, they feel, are a major setback in helping the needy. But even in these unexpected times, there are police officers who cooperate when they discover the motive behind the movement of relief teams.

Several NGO’s like Faiz-e-Aam trust had initiated the distribution of ration kits comprising rice, daal, salt, sugar, tea leaves and other essentials. It has been doing it right from the first day of lockdown and provides more than 100 kits on a daily bases.

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